What is Live, Laugh, Learn?

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Mollie Gross and Kristine Schellhaas are bringing military audiences fresh perspectives, deployment tools, networking opportunities, and a new appreciation for our military lifestyle. These two ladies have worldwide fan bases with two distinctive markets: 1) military spouse and 2) yet to be recruited to retirees. They use humor, information, and resources to reach their audiences strategically through social medial, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more to connect with the new generation of military wife.

The vast use of internet and social media has created a smart, media savvy individual who questions authority, wants 24/7 access, and seeks individuals speaking their own language.  Young spouses are crying out for new leadership and someone they can relate to for direction.

  • Audience members will connect emotionally with speakers through laughter and hard-hitting advice utilizing a dynamic, guided workshop.
  • Following the workshop presentation, the audience engages in a no-holds bar, funny and upbeat Q&A session delving into military life, motherhood, relationships and more.
  • Lastly, individuals connect with new resources, friends, and participate in social interactions with meet up opportunities and social games.
  • Custom presentations are also available.

Bottom Line: Spouses will LAUGH at themselves, LEARN new resources and tools, and LIVE more fully with the lessons learned.

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